Paua House

Alternative Museums

Museums aren’t always filled to the brim with old furniture, important artworks, and certificates signed by various members of the Royal Family.  There are hundreds of thousands of Museums that have a very strict collecting criteria, and sometimes they focus on things we wouldn’t necessarily expect.

For example, there is a Chainsaw Museum in Woodville, a Paua Museum in Canterbury (previously an independent house, now in the Canterbury Museum), and a Clock Museum in Whangarei.

And of course, internationally there even more delights to be found: the International Banana Museum can be found in California, a Dog Collar Museum in Leeds, and a Ramen Noodle Museum in Japan.  Or if you happen to be strolling around New York be sure the check out some of the Museum’s mentioned in this article.

And if you’re more of an armchair traveler, Cowgirls, Cockroaches & Celebrity Lingerie: The World’s Most Unusual Museums is a great read which outlines many of the world’s oddest collections.  Read more about it here.